Engaging Local Government Leaders

ELGL · January 19, 2018


The authors of a new book, The New Localism: How Cities Can Thrive in the Age of Populism, Bruce Katz and Jeremy Nowak joined the podcast to talk urbanism and cities. Bruce and Jeremy share how localism isn’t just local government solving problems, but bringing different stakeholders together to tackle big issues that cities face.

Topics: Lightning round (1:40), Mt. Rushmore of Mayors (8:15), Writing “The New Localism” after the 2016 election & Brexit (19:20), Writing as co-authors & the aim of the book (23:30), The story of Pittsburgh & localism (36:20), Dealing with homelessness through localism (39:40), Diversity in the workforce (44:55), and The issues that need to be addressed in 2018 (51:50).

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