Vokacongres 2018: Doing business in the city of tomorrow: March 27, 2018

Brusses · March 27, 2018


More than ever, our municipalities and cities face major challenges. The economy of tomorrow begins in the cities of tomorrow. Entrepreneurship is crucial in this. It is the entrepreneurs who often lie at the basis of ground-breaking concepts and disruptive services. Because of their presence they give shape to the city of the future.

Congress2018At the Vok congress, we examine the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship in the city of tomorrow. Voka invites Bruce Katz for this. In America Katz is one of the references in the field of urban development. In addition, we make the Vokacongres 2018 a truly participatory congress. In three break-out sessions you will have the opportunity to share your vision on the challenges of our cities. With the Vokacongres “Entrepreneurship in the city of tomorrow” Voka officially starts the process towards the local elections of 2018 with a final debate with five party presidents .

Center for Fine Arts / Bozar Rue
Ravenstein 23
1000 Brussels

Tuesday, March 27
Reception from 4.30 pm

Tickets & Event Details

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Louisville: March 13, 2018
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